Check your phone! Nature is calling. After dancing and strolling in our amazing city, you need a break from the madness. No better way to relax and chill at one of these spots!

This time we are summing up the best spots created by of with help of mother nature!


Let’s kick-off with ‘the Westerpark’. This park rocks harder than your fathers rock ‘n roll collection. We could easily spend a whole evening there strolling down bars. For example: the Ton Ton Club, this bar has everything you need in life. Pin ball machines, cocktails and Jenga. They have all kinds of old school games and table games. Check it out! Also a great spot if you want to take someone that you have met at AMF out on a date. 

Address: Haarlemmerweg 4

Artis Royal Zoo

We have a zoo! Yes we do! Stroll among the shady trees, admire the diversity of animals, wave at the lions and don't forget to take a selfie near the monkeys. We are in love with this place and we know you will too.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40


When you and your friends decide to walk through the city, don’t forget to pass by ‘het Vondelpark’. It’s the largest and the most famous park of Amsterdam. Although, it might be a little bit too cold in October to enjoy a relaxing picnic, it is still a must see and multiple café’s in the park will serve you hot chocolate to warm up. It’s the ideal place to walk away your hangover the day after AMF. Also, don’t forget to look up and admire the beautiful characteristic Amsterdam houses that surround the park. 

Address: Vondelpark

Yes we can(al)!

Amsterdam is famous because of a couple things. One them is for sure the canals! Try one of the awesome tours companies are offering! Or... do it yourself. There are several companies offering small boats that are easy to use with your friends. Mokum Boot is one of them. This will for sure be a boat trip to remember!

Address: A lot of places but Mokum Boot is at Nassaukade 351.


We already mentioned 'Westerpark', it is located in district 'West'. So maybe you already guessed it but 'Oosterpark' is in East (Dutch: Oost). On the side of the park there are several hotspots to chill, drink and relax. For example Hotel Arena is a really awesome place to do all that!

Address: Oosterpark


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