Mondays are the worst days, especially for those who wander through the nights in the weekends. Others rest in their weekend, but not us, creatures of the night. Behold, these tips to get through your Monday. 

Music //

Music is always the answer. Whether you’re driving to work in the morning, or if you’re barely keeping your eyes open during your lunch break. Put on some tunes, and you’ll get through the day. We promise. Check out our Creatures of the night Spotify playlist. You're welcome.

Creatures of the night playlist

Eat breakfast //

The most important meal of the day. And we don’t mean a pita kebab at 5 am, but a proper breakfast. Think oats, yoghurt, maybe some french toast if you want to treat yourself to something special and you’ll immediately boost your day.

Coffee //

As long as we’re in the food & drinks department, this is a solid one. Coffee. There’s no shame in a little bit of extra caffeine. Don’t like coffee? A big cup of black tea is your back-up.

Share your pain //

Call your friends, talk to that one colleague that ‘gets you’ or scroll through the pictures of last weekend, but don’t keep to yourself. Share your stories, relive the weekend and  Monday will be over before you know it.

Start making plans for next weekend //

Where’s the next party? Who should come with? Is your favourite DJ going? Start counting down to next weekend and before you know it you’ll be dancing on your chair in the middle of your office. Let’s go!

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