At AMF we distinct very specific types of people, which one of the following types are you and your friends? 

The top-notch raver

You are always at the front of the stage. As soon as the doors are open your goal is to go to the Mainstage as fast as possible. Ain’t nobody holding you back. You dance your ass off the whole night! At the end of the festival, your shoes look like you were run over by a group of elephants.

The imaginary master of dance

You where in a children’s dance class back in de early ‘00’s, but you still think you got skills. You mostly dance off beat the whole night and you are going all out with your moves. You are kicking drinks out of people’s hands and your friends are secretly ashamed of your not so impressive moves.

The fist pumper

You can’t dance and you accept that. However, you still want to show you are having a good time on the dance floor. So you keep it simple and you fistpump your way to the festival. Good for you! A fistpump a day, keeps the doctor away!

The singer

You biggest dream is to sing for a living, the only problem is you can’t sing. Not a tiny bit. During a festival you are going all out. You sing a long with every song, while you are making eye contact with that one cute person standing next to you. Unfortunately, your adorable attempt doesn’t really make an impact.

The model

You care more about the way you look than about the way you dance. Your designer shirt is worth more than a VIP ticket. You don’t want to dance too much because you are afraid you will sweat. 

The shoulder guy

We are just assuming now, but preferably it is a guy. At least the bottom one! How you can recognize them? Their faces are mostly red and you can see them struggle. Two legs are hanging besides their face and they want to dance, but their main goal is to not fall.

The groupie

Let’s be honest, you are going to the festival to catch a glimpse of your musical hero. There is nothing wrong with that. You even got a custom made banner saying: MARRY ME! And why shouldn’t you! 

Show us what type you are!

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