With just weeks left before AMF finally takes over the Amsterdam Arena, we decided it would be fun to catch up with rising legends Lucas & Steve!

Hi there guys! As AMF is getting closer and closer, we want know you a little bit better. So let's kick off...

What were your first DJ names?

Lucas: Scorpion 😄

Steve: Steve N

What is your personal most embarrassing moment ever as a DJ?

Lucas: Accidentally turning off the music and not noticing because I drank a little too much. Long time ago fortunately!

Steve: Falling of the stage haha.

What’s your all-time favorite track to play at a performance?

Both: Lucas & Steve - Up Till Dawn (Club Mix). We think that for every DJ counts that when playing a record of your own, the crowd loves that the most. How much we like to play a track depends for a big part on the energy that the gives you when playing it, and at the moment that sky-rockets when playing the club mix of our track ‘Up Till Dawn’.

What is your pre-performance ritual?

Both: Chest-bump and high-five haha!

Who is your favorite person to bring to a gig?
Both: It’s always very special to bring our parents to a show.

Apart from your laptop and usb flash drives, what is something you definitely need when you’re on tour?

Both: A gym! It’s hard to stay in shape while touring. For this a gym at the hotel is an absolute must.

Join us the 21st of October during AMF and watch these guys live!

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