Odds are that you have a (small) hangover today. And what's a better way to cure your hangover than to stay at home or in your hotel, watch a movie and order some delicious food. Here are our 5 tips! 

Go healthy

Are you in the mood for something healthy after an extensive night of partying? A breakfast from the Yoghurt Barn will kickstart your day. More in the need of liquids? Order from the Juice Brothers or the Vitaminstore for healthy (and delicious) juices!

Drinks at the Vitaminstore at AMF.

What's soup?

In need of some energy, but can't handle 'heavy' food yet? Order soup from Stach (South, 'the Pijp' or West). Want something more substantial? BAUT has supernice superbowls and other delicious dishes. BAUT is all the way in the East part of town, if you're more located in the West, order from Kevin Bacon.

Food at restaurant BAUT

Fat and greasy

Healthy food is good for you and stuff, but let's face it. Nothing beats a big fat greasy burger when you're hungover. Other delicious and unhealthy options are bitterballen (typical Dutch!), popcorn chicken, ribs or pizza. 

Stay strong today, and watch the stream of the legendary night we had yesterday at AMF.tv.

A big fat greasy burger
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