On October 21, walk with thousands of like-minded souls into the black of night. Together we will dance to the heartbeat of darkness and rule the world while it lasts. Together, we will make it ours.

Together: We Own The Night.

Own the night together with thousands of EDM fans

On Saturday, October 21, AMF will return to the Amsterdam ArenA with thousands of worldwide EDM fans to take on the night with some of the best DJs in the world.

#AMF2017 will be once again nestled in the heart of dance music’s most integral conference, the Amsterdam Dance Event. AMF will seek to bring together thousands of dance music lovers from all walks of life, to create a collective feeling of togetherness.

AMF is a night where beliefs and backgrounds melt together to create a place that escapes the reality of our world’s imperfections, and together, we will share a feeling of freedom.

All those who appear at the doorstep of the AMF ArenA will be united by music. The colossal stadium that will serve as our playground for the night will be transformed to create an intimate and mesmerising ambiance. The show will be completed with a selection of the biggest and best DJs in the world.

Get in the mood

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